Visu lab from 1992 visu kaluste henkilokunta

Visu Kaluste is a family-owned company, located in Visuvesi, Finland (about 260km north from Helsinki). We have long-term experience of laboratory furniture manufacturing.

History of our furniture manufacturing dated back to 1894, when company name was Höyrypuuseppä. Later Höyrypuuseppä merge to Visuvesi company. Visuvesi (was in same place than now) started to manufacture laboratory furniture and for example manufactured Finnish first fume cupboards. In 2011 Visu Kaluste bought the VISU® from Visuvesi. After that Visu Kaluste has continued focusing more on the development of laboratory furniture and is now the market leader in Finland.

Our strategy is to manufacture high quality Finnish laboratory furniture and to offer comprehensive services to laboratories, research institutes and hospitals. In our family company we respect quality, traditions, people and decades of experience.

Whatever the project, large or small, contact us and we will help you to find the best solution!

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